Prenuptial Agreements

Many people do not realize the legal impact of marriage on their financial life — it's our job to educate them. A prenuptial agreement facilitates a discussion and early resolution of issues that can otherwise be a significant source of tension in a marriage. Delaney McKinney views prenuptial agreements as an opportunity to ensure that both parties enter a marriage with the same set of expectations and assumptions. Whether the two parties are just starting out in life, have children or financial obligations from a prior marriage, or assets that would not be part of a marital estate, a prenuptial agreement is the perfect vehicle for defining a couple's financial relationship.In particular, prenuptial agreements are recommended for:
  • Couples who have children from a prior relationship. When couples have children from a prior relationship they often need to reconcile their heartfelt desire to financially protect their children with the obligations the law imposes on marriage. Through the process of creating a prenuptial agreement these couples are able to address and reconcile these often competing interests.
  • Couples who want to maintain financial autonomy. Prenuptial agreements are the best way to determine the extent to which you will share your financial life with your partner. If you have worked hard to accumulate assets, have built a career, or simply had bad experiences sharing finances in the past, the process of creating a prenuptial agreement will help you both sort through what is important to you so that you can avoid problems in the future.
Delaney McKinney understands that the ultimate goal of a prenuptial agreement is to facilitate and strengthen a marriage.  Our approach is always constructive, forward-looking and creative.  We recognize, too, that if one party feels unfairly treated in either the process or the end result, it does not set the stage for success.  We make it our responsibility to help our clients create the best possible platform for success in both the marriage and the agreement.