Child Custody and Access

Whether you are divorcing a spouse or are unmarried but have a child with a partner from whom you are separated, the primary concern is for your children's well being. Delaney McKinney can help.

child Our approach to child custody disputes and parenting plans is grounded in the law and the latest social science literature regarding children and families of separation and divorce. We have particular experience in resolving complex family law situations that involve high conflict, children with special needs, and families with mental health and substance abuse issues. Whether we are representing the parent or the child, we keep the best interests of the child at the forefront of our work.There are many complex issues that need to be addressed in any parenting plan — from where the child or children will live and attend school, to how much time the child will live with each parent, to what decision-making authority each parent is given. Our attorneys understand the issues impacting children and parents at this time in their lives, and strive to find an arrangement that puts the children first.