Linda A. Delaney

Linda A. Delaney

Lin Delaney has dedicated the last 30 years to serving families of separation and divorce with a special emphasis on the children of those families. She and all members of her firm are dedicated to helping families going through a separation and divorce do so with dignity and self-respect.

Whenever possible, she helps her clients reach amicable settlements that address and resolve the issues that allow her clients to successfully move forward. When that is not possible, she is equally ready to use her highly successful skills and powerful courtroom presence as a litigator to achieve the results her clients need.

Lin’s depth of experience and ability to navigate the complex psychological and financial issues that impact the family at this time in their lives is unsurpassed. She understands the complexity and the range of emotions that come with a separation or divorce and how those emotions can influence the nature and outcome of each case. To counterbalance the influence of these difficult and often contradictory emotions, she is analytical and strategic in her approach to each case and uses these skills to find a way to put the children first.

Lin applies this approach to her cases and makes it the mission of her firm, Delaney McKinney. As senior partner and co-founder, she works side-by-side with her fellow attorneys to promote and preserve the mission of the firm and the quality of its work product.

Lin is currently the President of the newly chartered Maryland Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), a multidisciplinary organization that promotes the collaboration of judges, attorneys, mental health providers, and court administrators in their work for and on behalf of children of separation and divorce. She is also a member of the Advisory Council for the Better Life Lab of the New America Foundation, a program designed to promote a public policy debate among community and business leaders on the most pressing workforce and family issues of the day. Lin serves as a member on the Georgetown Child Mental Health Advisory Council, a group that provides awareness and advances the mission of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry department through outreach and philanthropic support. She is a Board Member of School the World (STW), a nonprofit organization that builds primary schools in Central America to make quality education accessible to all children and families living in rural villages. Lin previously served as an attorney advisor to the Psychology and Law Parent Coordinator Project, a joint project of the American Psychological Association, the Family Law Section of the D.C. Bar, and Argosy University, which provides free parent coordinators to low income families with custody cases pending in the D.C. Superior Court’s Family Court. She also serves as an Alternative Dispute Resolution facilitator for the D.C. Family Court.

Lin is a Fellow of the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML). She has served as a faculty member for continuing legal education courses sponsored by the AAML the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association, and the Family Law Section of the D.C. Bar and has provided training for D.C. Family Court judges.

Lin has been listed among the top divorce lawyers in The Washingtonian in every listing since 2004 and in the Maryland Super Lawyers lists for family law since 2007. She was also listed among the top 25 divorce lawyers in the May-June 2010 and the November-December 2013 editions of Bethesda Magazine.